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Installing Python Packages

The easiest way to install Hatta is by using the command:

pip install hatta

This will download and install all the dependencies and Hatta itself. Once you have it installed, you can run it in one of the following methods:


Step-by-step guides


Hatta Wiki requires Werkzeug (at least version 0.3) and Mercurial (at least 1.0) to work. It also benefits from having Pygments installed. Oh, of course it also requires a working Python at least 2.5.

Note: The development version may occasionally break compatibility with some versions of libraries – especially the older ones. This is due to their changing APIs. These incompatibilities are supposed to be fixed before releases, though.

Users and permissions

Hatta doesn't have any user management or page permission facilities, but it's written in such a way, that you can use the authentication mechanisms of your web server.

Private wiki

You can simply configure your web server to require a password when accessing the wiki. Hatta will even fill in the user name in the editor automatically from that information! You can use the same password for everyone or configure different accounts for different users. Some web servers will even allow you to authenticate in LDAP or through PAM. And all without me having to write a single line of code, isn't it great? :D

Read-only wiki

Instead of setting the password for the whole wiki, you can set the password for the /edit/ URLs, and if you don't want your users to be able to revert to old revisions, also /history/ (will be changed to /undo/ in newer versions). This way users only have to log in to edit the wiki.

(>)# See also Config for a more convenient way to lock single pages from editing.

As of version 1.3.0 you can also set the read_only option to prevent page editing.

Spam Protection

If your wiki is getting spammed a lot, you may consider enabling the ReCAPTCHA – it will ask your users to solve a CAPTCHA on every edit, and hopefully that will prevent spammers from littering your wiki with their trash.