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Config options


Name Default Meaning
interface all interfaces What interface should the wiki bind to when running as standalone web server.
port 8080 What port should the standalone web server listen on.
script_name Automatic Which part of the URL is the path to the script. Some setups need to override this.
pages_path docs In what directory should the pages be kept?
repo_path same as pages_path In what directory should the repository be created? (available since 1.5.0)
page_charset utf-8 What encoding should be used to store the pages?
cache_path cache In what directory should the cache be kept?
template_path None In what directory should the custom templates be kept? (Available since version 1.6.6)
config_file hatta.conf What files should be searched for additional configuration?
read_only False Should editing be disabled? (Available since version 1.3.0)
subdirectories False Store subpages as subdirectories in the filesystem? (available since version 1.4.0)


Name Default Meaning
site_name Hatta Wiki What name should be displayed in the title bar and in feeds?
language en What language should the interface be transalted to.
front_page Home What page should be displayed when there as the very first one?
menu_page Menu Which page should be used as site menu?
locked_page Locked Which page should be used as list of locked pages?
icon_page None What should be used for emoticons?
alias_page Alias InterWiki (see AliasDoc)
help_page Help The help text displayed on the editor page.
math_url Mathtran.org URL What service should be used for rendering mathematical formulas?

Removed options

Name Default Meaning
style_page style.css What page stores the cascading style sheet rules? (deprecated, now always "style.css")
logo_page logo.png What page stores the site logo? (deprecated, now always "logo.png")
script_page None What should be used for javascript inclusion? (deprecated, now always "scripts.js")